Parking Systems

Parking operations generate millions of dollars each year. In order to run effectively, they require a control system which offers complete security, reliability, and comprehensive audit capabilities.


Ticket Dispensers

Exit Verifiers

Pay Stations

We also offer card readers, validation units, credit card stations, cashier terminals, guidance systems, plate recognition systems, and encoders. Contact us at 787-782-555 for more information about our parking systems, or visit our partner site at for details. 


About TIBA

TIBA breaks the mold with our innovative parking solutions and emerging technologies. With 29 years of experience, TIBA is a global market leader, catering to customers from such diverse industries as airports, universities, shopping centers, municipalities, medical centers, high security facilities and more. Built with exceptional and intuitive design TIBA is focused on efficiency and profitability, helping our clients maximize ROI in less time.

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